Total War: Three Kingdoms Mod Support Goes Live – What Can and Can’t Be Tweaked

Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support are now live for Total War: Three Kingdoms. That means a whole host of mods will become available with a simple click. Here’s a handful of the most popular early mods:

Enhanced Battle Camera – This gives you even more control of the in-game camera. Handy for those looking to make cinematic shorts of their battles, or looking for that epic screenshot.

Hooveric Reskin – This is still a work in progress, but the end goal is to add more unit variations. Different colors, reskinned flags, stuff like that. Check out the mod’s page for a glimpse of what to expect.

No death by old age – No more worrying about who will take over in your quest to rule China. Characters will still age, but the chance of them dying because of old age has been switched to 0.

Those are a few of the popular mods a day after support went live on Steam. Expect the number of them to grow in a hurry in the days and weeks ahead.

The folks over at Creative Assembly also laid out what can and can’t be tweaked with the modding tools. I’ll list them below.

What’s moddable:

– Startpos

– CEOs

– Database tables

– Variant mesh definitions

– Battle Maps

– Lua scripts

– New character portraits

– Custom models and animations

Basically, look for mods to include everything from unit reskins and balance tweaks to new battle maps, UI elements, events, and characters. That leaves us with the stuff that can’t be modded yet.

What can’t be modded:

– Campaign battle maps

– Campaign map hexes

– Audio files

– Game code

– Creation of battle assets (includes prefabs, audio files, composite scenes, VFX)

That means no reskins of the campaign battle maps. Sorry folks, we are not getting a complete Game of Thrones reskin in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

That wouldn’t be available via Steam anyway. Creative Assembly will be curating the Steam workshop to remove any mods that breach their modding terms. “Please refrain from creating mods that are designed to provoke, intimidate, or antagonise other groups, reference other IP, or create content of a sexual nature,” Creative Assembly writes.

You’ll have to go to other modding websites (NexusMods, Moddb)  to get your Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones fix. Or older Total War games. Here’s a taste of what modders can do with enough time.