Leading up to the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft showed off the special Xbox Ones given to the Xbox team. Gamers everywhere soon clamored for Microsoft to announce a white SKU for the Xbox One. So far, that hasn’t happened.

Previously, the only way to get your hands on one was to be working on the Xbox One team or a charity auction. The charity auction managed to net more than $11,000 for a white Xbox One. Proceeds from the charity went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Today, it gets a little bit easier to get your hands on a white Xbox One. You’re still going to have to open your wallet up though. Ten special edition white Xbox Ones have found their way onto Ebay. Starting prices vary from $1,500 to $3,000. If you’re a diehard Xbox One fan or a serious video game collector, now’s your chance to get a piece of history.

It’s unlikely Microsoft will announce a white Xbox One anytime soon. Most new console SKUs revolve around specific game launches. Take the Titanfall console for example.


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