Look away, vegans. Applestone Meat Company’s growing popularity came with the same set of problems which afflict small businesses. Small staff. Tons of customers. Applestone’s solution? 24/7 meat vending machines. Yeah, that would have been my first idea too.

Applestone is keeping it local for now with the vending machines at their Stone Ridge and Accord, NY locations. Each is stocked multiple times each week to ensure nothing spoils and those lucky enough to raid the machines. Oh, and before you overturn your couch looking for spare change, they are selling quality meats. Not a Dr. Pepper.

The company even created an explainer video on how to use the vending machine. It’s a polite way of saying customers can be stupid. I hear you Applestone. Most customers are great, but you always have the select few who you genuinely wonder how the hell they function.

applestone stone meat vending machines

That’s in addition to the laminated instructions posted by it, but come on, who the hell reads the manual? Plus, the meat vending machines have actual buttons which are sure to confuse the smartphone generation.

Yep, these need to be everywhere. Put them out in front of Whole Foods for an easy supply run.

Selections are wide-ranging. Steaks. Lamb Chops. Pork Chops. Spare ribs. All in the convenience of a vending machine. The company wants to take the vending machine idea to other markets, but plans for expanding are only plans for now.

It won’t teach you how to cook, but it will also save you from being the person pointing at the meat counter. And it’s always open for those 3am cravings of a grilled steak.

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