The monthly updates continue to roll out from Xbox. You may be able to criticize Xbox for some things, but it’s definitely not system update support. Xbox’s Major Nelson describes some of these features as improving “social features to make sharing your gaming experience with friends better and easier.” Let’s dive into the changes. You can watch the video below, or read on where I outline the biggest changes.

Mobile purchases – You requested it, Microsoft’s adding it. Another win for Xbox Feedback page. Starting today, you can use Xbox SmartGlass or to purchase content. If you’re console is set up to automatically take updates, your Xbox One will begin downloading immediately. Handy for people at work who want to snag content and download it while away.

Activity feed updates – This is the biggest feature today. The activity feed interface gets a revamp as it moves to a single column scrolling list. Emphasis is put on new achievements and upload clips. You can also add text updates to your activity feed. This should help make game night a bit easier to plan. Social media makes its way to the new activity feed as you can like, share and comment on content. You’ll also be able to see when your friends last logged in, and what they were doing.

3D Blu-Ray Support – The Blu-ray player app finally gets 3D Blu-ray support on Xbox One.

Ditch notifications when watching video – This is a handy new feature. Tired of seeing every friend pop online while watching a movie. Now you can disable the notification system only when watching video content.

Low battery indicator – Now an indicator will pop up when your controller batteries are low.

Overall, not a bad update. It’s good to see the Xbox team willing to revamp some things such as the Activity Feed. Maybe this will clear the way for larger adjustments in the future. Making the Xbox One more friendly for non-Kinect users would be a good start.


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