The land down under gets their sleep. With wearable tech becoming ubiquitous, expect to see the lists of where people sleep the most, who takes the most steps and other general fit lists. Looks like our world of list articles has opened up. The latest in ‘rank your city’ comes from Jawbone, a company that makes Up, a fitness tracker.

Jawbone crunched the numbers to see how much sleep they were getting in the biggest cities worldwide. Sorry flyover states, only metro areas were included. You’re probably thinking, I could grab a nap right now, so who gets the least sleep? Tokyo, Japan grabs that honor with an average time in bed at 5 hours and 44 minutes.

Sleep length and earliest to bed goes to Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia respectively. The Aussies are not afraid to hit the bed at 10:57pm and sleep nearly 7 hours. Not quite my wish for a solid 10, but we’re getting there..

How about those lazy people that won’t get out of bed? That award goes to Moscow. Hard to invade Ukraine when you can’t roll out of bed early. Looks like daytime invasions only for the Russians. They also win the award for latest to bed, hitting the hay at 12:46am on average.

Seeing as the Jawbone Up is a fitness tracker, who is logging the most steps in the world? The Swedes get their walking in, with Stockholm averaging 8,876 steps. Not bad Sweden. Laziness is becoming a trend in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the city averaging just 6,254 steps. Looks like someone needs to get out on the pitch and start running around.

Melbourne, Australia is basking in some serious awards lately. The city won most livable, and now gets the nod for the most sleep. I guess it’s time to book that one-way ticket to the land down under.


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