Here’s a thought experiment. Think box office records. What’s coming to your mind? Titanic, Avatar, Star Wars, Avengers etc. You are definitely not thinking of the true king of the box office. That would the Lion King Musical. To the tune of $6.2 billion in box office receipts. Yeah, you’re getting into the realm of real money with those numbers.

There are a few caveats to the record. None of the movies named above had quite the runtime as The Lion King has. Ok, maybe it just seemed like Titanic wouldn’t go away for a time. Running since 1997, the musical has played on Broadway and around the world.

As a comparison, Avatar grossed $2.8 billion during its bow at theaters across the globe. Yeah, James Cameron makes a ridiculous amount of money. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie or musical, The Lion King follows the story of Simba, a royal young lion that was ousted from his pride by his evil uncle.

Fast forward to you getting the lyrics of Hakuna Matata stuck in your head today, Simba teams up with some jungle friends to reclaim his spot as king. The musical is directed by Julie Taymor and features songs by Elton John and lyrics from Tim Rice.

The cast of The Lion King is known for their viral videos, breaking out into performances on the subway and on planes. The plane is the best version. A subway and Broadway just doesn’t mix.

A spokesman laid out the history of the box office haul. ‘It is the highest-grossing total in box office history. The $6.2 billion figure is just the box office of the stage musical.’

The number makes the production more valuable than any other single entertainment vehicle out there. The film itself grossed over $1 billion, and the musical shows little sign of slowing down.

Below is the cast giving travelers a quick performance on a plane home from Brisbane.


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