Cold War Outbreak Zombies trailer

Call of Duty Drops One Hell of A Zombies Outbreak Trailer

Treyarch is releasing a new Zombies mode called Outbreak on February 25, and today’s trailer has no business looking this damn good. 

It’s been a bit since a Call of Duty trailer really hyped me up, but this one nailed it. I’m back on Zombies when this drops. 

Activision published a lengthy blog post going over the new Outbreak mode, so make sure to give it a read. I’m going to highlight a few snippets that caught my eye. 

Outbreak keeps the traditional four-player limit. You and three friends will tackle experiments across the Ural Mountains. From the blog:

“After each experiment is done, you must either successfully exfiltrate the area or, if you choose to accept the risk of deadlier encounters, enter rifts through the Dark Aether to another region to assist with more objectives.”

More freedom. In Outbreak, there isn’t a set path to the objective. You can explore as much as you want before tackling the main objective. And these objectives are split into five types:

Defend – This is pretty self-explanatory. Your team protects a device for a set time.

Escort – Defend a rover with a captured specimen as it heads for a dimensional portal. 

Retrieve – Grab Aetherium canisters and deliver them to a set of rockets nearby. 

Eliminate – HVTs (high value targets) 

Holdout – Fight waves of zombies as your team waits for explosives to destroy a massive Aether Crystal

The rest of the blog covers the returning exfil mechanic, and rewards for completing objectives and successfully exfiltrating. 

Warzone might not have all the big changes many of us were hoping for, but Zombies looks to be bringing it in a big way with Outbreak. The new Zombies mode launches on Thursday, February 25.