I’m always pumped for a Call of Duty game, but I didn’t think the multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would be one of the best I’ve seen in years. Let’s take a look.

Ok, whoever made that trailer needs to handle all the trailers from now on. It felt like the incredible Battlefield 3 and 4 trailers. Speaking of Battlefield, EA and DICE should be a little worried. The more we see and learn about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the more it’s obvious they are going for a more tactical feel compared to recent games. And that’s not the only shot across Battlefield’s bow.

The other day, I wrote about how cool it would be for the Call of Duty franchise to go with bigger matches. I would have been happy with 20v20. Well, we’re getting that and much more. A press release that dropped alongside the trailer says there will be modes that support 2v2, 6v6, 10v10, and 20v20. Remember Ground War from earlier Call of Duty games? That’s returning too, but Infinity Ward is boosting the player count from 18 to “more than 100-players.” I wonder what Infinity Ward is cooking up for Battle Royale?

If you’re looking for a game that gives you the big matches of Battlefield but in a modern setting, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sounds like just the game.

There’s still plenty of questions that won’t be answered until we play matches with 100+ players. Performance being the biggest one. Ground War isn’t advertised as a Battle Royale mode. Can consoles handle that many players at 60fps? Infinity Ward and Activision wouldn’t do it unless they were confident. Still, I’m going to have to see that in action.

An open beta was also announced today. PlayStation 4 folks get exclusive access starting September 12 (for those who preorder, September 14 for everyone else). Xbox One and PC get in on the early action starting September 19 for preorders, and it goes open beta on September 21.

Head on over to Twitch for more gameplay right now.

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