Modern Warfare 3 zombies announced

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Zombies For The First Time With MW3

Zombies is a mainstay for many Call of Duty fans, but the mode has never appeared on the Modern Warfare side of the franchise. That changes with Modern Warfare 3. While the much-anticipated worldwide reveal for the next Call of Duty is tomorrow, Activision posted a blog post offering more details on what to expect when the game launches on November 10. In it, they confirm Zombies is coming.

“Did someone say Zombies? More information coming soon on the new Modern Warfare Zombies: The largest Zombies offering to date,” Activision writes.

That’s all we get today. The Modern Warfare 3 info blitz kicks off tomorrow. “Starting tomorrow and in the weeks to come, we’ll unpack a ton more information as we approach the November 10th release,” reads the blog post.

Hyping up this new Zombies as the “largest Zombies offering to date” is a bold statement. Black Ops 3 and its Zombies Chronicles expansion were pretty damn big. 

What we’ve learned so far about Modern Warfare 3 feels like as big a throwback for old fans as the return of boots-on-the-ground was. All 16 Modern Warfare 2 (2009) are coming at launch. I wonder if we see similar content for Zombies fans. Having a bunch of classic Zombies maps remastered on day one is an easy way to win over that part of the community.

Here are a few more details confirmed in today’s blog post:

“New Open Combat missions in Campaign; new Combat Vests and Perk system for customizing your Multiplayer Operator; new Tac-Stance movement; new After0-Market Parts for unparalleled Gunsmith customization and more.”

“One access point for your future Call of Duty content. Starting with Modern Warfare II and Warzone, and now with Modern Warfare III and beyond, players can navigate all their content in one place, we call it Call of Duty HQ – making it easier to select which game and modes you wish to play.”

This Call of Duty HQ sounds similar to Halo: Master Chief Collection. It would be awesome to pick from playlists spanning multiple games and get tossed into a game seamlessly.

We’ll get our first good look at Modern Warfare III tomorrow during the Shadow Siege event in Warzone.