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Diablo 4’s Most Played Class So Far Is The Sorcerer

As Diablo 4 enters its second week since its official release date, Activision Blizzard released some more stats showing how much we are playing. Total hours played? 276 million. Monsters killed? 2.73 billion. But The Butcher has taken out its fair share of players, with nearly 5.8 million deaths attributed to that single boss alone.

The official Diablo Twitter account also shared the most popular class so far – the Sorcerer/Sorceress. 

Diablo’s Rod Fergusson first shared this stat a few days ago.

Yeah, it’s not surprising. Folks like to toss fireballs around in a fantasy game. I’m still grinding my way toward 100 with my Rogue, but I’ll admit the Sorcerer probably looks the most badass to play. Shooting ice shards like a machine gun or tossing up walls of fire does look cooler than my rogue spinning blades around him constantly.

It would be interesting to see how all five classes stack up in popularity. And how that might affect how the devs go about balancing them. Or how that might influence what classes come later.

At launch, Activision Blizzard announced Diablo 4 was Blizzard Entertainment’s fastest-selling game of all time. This week, they dove a little deeper into what that means. In less than a week since its June 6 launch, Diablo 4 shot past $666 million in sales. 

How does that stack against Activision’s juggernaut – Call of Duty Modern Warfare II? That game crossed $1 billion in sales in its first ten days. It’s an impressive launch for the Diablo 4 team. 

And Diablo 4 is just getting started. The team has already deployed several updates to address bugs and balance classes. Plus, the game’s first season is set to begin sometime in mid-July.