Want to have a litany of regrets? Well, Pizza Hut is one-stop shopping now. Not only can you wring out the pan pizza for grease, you can now get an 8-inch cookie. Why? Cause this is America. If we aren’t on statins, blood pressure medicine and calling Liberty Medical, we ain’t living.

Pizza Hut is actually following in the footsteps of Papa Johns. Top brass at the company have been bragging about the popularity of the cookie. It gets better. Pizza Hut commissioned a survey of 1,000 people. The findings? Around 70 percent want to put a cookie on top of that pizza they just ate.

The cookie pizza is joining another chocolate menu item at Pizza Hut – the Chocolate Dunkers. Both items are Hershey-branded. Oh, and this is just the start of Pizza Hut desserts. The Hershey-Pizza Hut partnership is promising more desserts soon.

Yum Brands, the parent company of Pizza Hut, is in need of a win. Pizza Hut has been lagging behind competitors when it comes to being nimble on menu additions. The BBQ pizza came in May, long after Domino’s, Papa Johns and California Pizza Kitchen launched their own version. Customers haven’t been impressed with the static nature of Pizza Hut.

Same store sales have been slumping at Pizza Hut, while competitors have seen store sales surge. Domino’s ad campaigns like to make fun of themselves, while Papa John’s makes you hate football season by week 7.

I guess the prevailing theory is you give a customer a cookie, they come back for life. The U.S. healthcare system thanks you.


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