Disintegration Is A New Shooter From Folks Who Helped Make Halo and SOCOM

Countless developers are trying to make that next great shooter. But it’s hard not to be at least a little interested in Disintegration when you see the dev team they have put together at V1 Interactive. First, let’s take a quick look at the announcement teaser.

The game’s description points to a sci-fi, first-person shooter. The teaser is giving me a Mech vibe with what appears to be toggles and switches at 0:07. We won’t have to wait long to see more. A full reveal is coming at Gamescom 2019 in August.

With slim details on the actual game, let’s focus on the team behind it. Less than 30 developers are listed on the V1 Interactive’s website. But they range from newcomers to the industry to vets with 20+ years of experience working on some of the best franchises out there. From Halo to SOCOM, Destiny to Skyrim, the developers at V1 Interactive have a lot of experience working and launching the biggest games out there.

V1 Interactive’s President Marcus Lehto was a co-creator for the Halo universe. VP Mike Gutmann served in a leadership role at Zipper Interactive during its prime. Other developers include Rajeev Nattam who helped create art for games like Halo, Destiny, and Resistance. Lianne Cruz worked on Skyrim and inFamous: Second Son. Julia Li worked on games including EVE Online, Mirror’s Edge, and Destiny.

It’s a team used to making games folks want to play.

Lehto is understandably pumped to show off the game his team has been working on.

“The opportunity to create not only a new game, but this entire studio has been exhilarating,” said Marcus Lehto, President and Game Director at V1 Interactive. “It is great to be able to share what this amazing team has been working on, and we can’t wait to introduce this new game that our team is building to the world next month.”

I’m expecting a shooter with a heavy multiplayer focus, but hoping for a story too. And there’s one reason to be hopeful looking at V1’s dev page. One of the developers (Lee Wilson) focus is on “story and cinematics.” According to Wilson’s LinkedIn page, he worked as Story and Cinematic Lead on Halo Reach and served as Cinematics Director for at least part of Ghost of Tsushima’s development.

We’ll have to wait for Gamescom to see what V1 Interactive has in store for us with Disintegration.