Hey, Amazon does it with the Dash buttons, it’s time pizza takes its rightful spot alongside the ‘push to order’ craze. The pizza chain has been rolling out new ways to engage its customers. The ‘Easy Order’ button is the next step.

It joins the ability to customize your pizza with an iPad, tweeting your order with an emoji and the gimmicky drone delivery. Or you could just use the app or heaven forbid, call and place your order.

Wait, my phone actually makes calls?

Domino’s Easy Order Button

It is kind of cool looking. A mini Domino’s box with a button inside. It connects via Bluetooth with an app that sends your order along. Make sure you have your address and payment info save on the app or Domino’s website or the button becomes a pain in the ass.

How does it work? Just press the button and wait for your pizza. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

domino's unveils its easy order button

Now if we could just get a button for healthy food. Who am I kidding? When it’s 10 pm and time for second dinner, you want pepperoni goodness, not a salad.

How Do You Get Domino’s Easy Order Button

No love for America on the new initiative from Domino’s. It is available in the UK only to start. Delivery in the UK is set for December with a second wave in February.

What about other regions? Domino’s is radio silent on the issue. It’s a pilot program that it’s market testing. If it finds traction, more territories will be announced when the button is ready for primetime.

If you need a push to order right now, you can use the app on your phone. Same functionality without mini pizza box. Don’t worry, the regret of knocking out a large pie by yourself is always available.


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