DriveClub finally received a release date today. What was once supposed to be a Playstation 4 launch title was delayed. DriveClub will hit retailers on October 7 in North America and a day later in Europe.

Once it releases, DriveClub would have been delayed by about a year. Is that cause for concern? Maybe, but the folks at Evolution Studios say the delay gave them the extra time needed to make the game even better. That extra time appears to have paid off. Sony put out a new trailer for DriveClub announcing the release date today. Check it out below.

DriveClub channels a bit of Project Gotham in the trailer above. The trailer showcases points being accumulated for drifting and other moves. DriveClub looks to be a bit more arcadey, which is fine in my book. There’s plenty of room for arcade and sim racers in the racing genre.

Early October is going to be stacked with high-profile releases. Besides DriveClub, three other games are set for release on October 7. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The holiday blitz is coming.


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