Season passes show no sign of letting up. Far Cry 4 is the latest to have a season pass announced before the title’s release.

Far Cry 4’s season pass will include some day-one content and some that will come after the game’s release.

Ubisoft detailed what’s coming in a blog post. The biggest piece of content looks like Valley of the Yetis. This DLC sees you become stranded on a Himalayan ridge in a fight for your life. “Scavenge for tools and upgrade your campsite, while fending off deadly nighttime attacks from a mysterious cult,” the post reads.

Is there Yetis? “Explore caves in the area, but watch out for what lurks within.” Yup, there are Yetis.

Other pieces of DLC include the Hurk Deluxe Pack (five missions starring Hurk from Far Cry 3), Overrun (a capture-based multiplayer mode) and The Syringe (a day-one Season Pass exclusive mission.)

I’m not really feeling the season pass trend in seemingly every big title now. But hey, lots of people love it otherwise publishers wouldn’t do it.

Far Cry 4 does look like a blast though. The game will release on November 18 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

One last thing Ubisoft, give us some map editor details already.


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