Tired of the incessant meme pictures or the ‘12 Things You’ve Already Seen But You Just Clicked This Anyway’? Yeah, Facebook is too and its new iPad app is aiming to become a hub of discovery. That discovery is going right after gamers.

The new app features a side panel on the right that will suggest everything from timely news stories, videos and a whole lot of game suggestions. I smell monetization on the game suggestions. Expect app developers on the gaming side to discover the wide world of Facebook mobile advertising. Facebook obviously wants to hit estimates, and is banking on the low barrier to entry of gaming to do it.

If you are looking at your iPad today, you already have the update. Flip it to landscape and you should see the right panel pop in. Not only will there be a variety of game suggestions, but expect trending topics to be in the scrollable area. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will find that fitness meme buried somewhere in there.

You will be able to customize the feed for videos people your age and in your locale are watching. The move into games suggestions is due to metrics from the company that show 70% of users have played a Facebook-connected game within the past 90 days.

A new ‘Popular Games’ section will recommend games to you based on what your friends are playing. Monetize Facebook. Users will find the feature handy, and Wall Street has to rubbing their hands together at the monetization possibility of the app.

The update is out now, and should download automatically to your iPad.


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