HITMAN 2’s Ghost Mode Still Embraces the Silent Approach

HITMAN 2 is getting a multiplayer mode called Ghost mode. But don’t worry, IO Interactive is keeping it true to HITMAN’s stealth-focused gameplay. You’ll face off against a ‘ghost’ version of another player as you hunt down the same targets at the same time. Both players will play in their own versions of the same level.

I was pumped when I first heard about the mode; then I was worried about how players could just run around gunning down targets with an assault rifle. The folks working on HITMAN 2 already thought of that and are implementing rules within Ghost Mode.

They show an example of how a match plays out during the trailer. Once one player takes out a target, the other has a limited amount of time to react and take out the same target. In the trailer, the timer starts at 20 seconds. The timer will up the tension big time, but you’ll still have to keep your cool. A spotted kill won’t count.

I’m digging our first glimpse of Ghost Mode. It gives us a dash of multiplayer while still keeping within HITMAN’s gameplay roots.

I would love to see IO Interactive expand on this concept a little more. Make it 2v2, and let one person from each team ‘invade’ the other team’s instance. Kind of like how the ‘invade’ mechanic works on Destiny 2’s Gambit mode. That person would then have a set amount of time to find and kill the other team, while the other team keeps trying to complete their mission.

I love Battle Royale as much as the next person, but I miss the smaller multiplayer modes like ‘Spies vs. Mercs’ from Splinter Cell. HITMAN 2 could fill that void in the meantime. Ghost Mode sounds like a great first step into multiplayer for the franchise.