2015, I salute you. It made us laugh. Made us cry. It made us a bit cynical… Ok, more than a bit. And it closes out with a question that deserves an answer. How would a dog wear pants?

Hell, why not? It’s not like we have anything else to do. Drop some Internet knowledge on me social media. Reddit, our little bastion of philosophy, kicked off the question that is stirring debate around the country. Would a dog wear pants that cover all four legs?

Or, would man’s best friend rock the two leg pair of jeans like his human servant?

Here’s how the options would look:

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The consensus opinion and mine as well is clearly the second. The argument for the first option is a dog has four legs. Therefore, the pants should cover all four. Redditors were having none of it, insisting that dogs have two arms and two legs.

Let’s ignore that and get serious. Further comments said pants are meant to cover the limbs attached to buttocks; further cementing people are thinking about this way too hard. Balancing your budget? The war against ISIS? Poverty?

Nah, I gotta figure out how a dog would wear pants. Luckily, I can rely on two experts. Thunder and Lightning, option A or B?

How a dog wears pants by lightning

how a dog should wear pants by thunder

Figured as much.


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