Pop quiz. If your career is on the fast track to nowhere, what do you do? Obviously you don’t quote the movie Speed, but you can find a lawyer for a nice lawsuit. That’s Lindsay Lohan’s plan as she is suing Take-Two Interactive Software. The allegations? That Take-Two and Rockstar created a character in her likeness for the mega-hit GTA V.

In its first day, the game racked up sales of $800 million. The Titanic would have to transform into Optimus Prime and live on Pandora for that kind of money. Easy Michael Bay, it’s a joke.

The character in question is Lacey Jonas, and Lohan claims it is an ‘unequivocal’ reference to the star of Freaky Friday and Mean girls. I don’t know, let’s see the remastered version of the game later this year.

Inside the game, the character seeks help evading the paparazzi. Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont is also depicted in the game, and Lindsay Lohan maintains her voice, image and clothing line are depicted in the game.

No word on damages being sought, and it could be Take-Two and Rockstar just settle as a cost of doing business. When you game makes almost a billion in one day, what’s a few million in a settlement?

Both Take-Two and Rockstar are staying mum on the subject, due to advice from their legal team.

At the very least it puts GTA back in the limelight as it gears up for the remastered edition. It also reminds gamers of the simple question. Where the hell are the heists promised in the multiplayer trailer over a year ago? Well played on the next-gen editions getting them. Well played. It’ll make gamers mad, but at the end of the day, we all love some GTA V.


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