We all take our Kindles and iPads for granted. Sailors aboard submarines aren’t allowed to take these type of devices with them. I can’t imagine going without my Kindle for any length of time. Imagine being deployed.

That’s where the NeRD comes in. The Navy General Library Program joined forces with Findaway World to create an E-reader that can be used on submarines. The Navy e-reader device comes pre-loaded with 300 books. Since devices with WiFi connections or cameras are forbidden on submarines, the NeRD device does not have WiFi, an SD card slot or any other type of connections. All it has is a charging port.

There’s one big downside to having the most secure e-reader out there. You can’t add books. Once you read what’s on the device, that’s it. Current bestsellers such as George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series are included on the devices. Don’t worry sailors, by the time Martin finishes his series you’ll be drawing retirement.

No word on how much the NeRD costs, but since it’s a government contract, it’s probably around $10k per. Margins Amazon could only dream of.

350 of the devices will be manufactured at first. Five of the devices will be sent to each submarine to be shared between multiple people.

The Navy e-reader device solves two problems. One, it gives the security the Navy demands. And two, sailors get more books to read.


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