MW3 ghost perk changes

Modern Warfare 3 Changes To Ghost Perk Explained In New Update

The Ghost perk (called Ghost T/V camo in Modern Warfare 3) is getting a big change after player feedback suggested the movement requirement was too strict. A two-second grace period is being added to keep players undetected by UAVs / Heartbeat Sensor when they are briefly not moving. 

Ghost perk changes

“Based on feedback, we’ve added a grace period to the movement requirement of Ghost T/V Camo. With this change, players remain detectable by radar while not moving, but momentary pauses will no longer cause their position to be revealed.”

Ghost is one of the most popular perks in the franchise because it’s a direct counter to UAVs. It’s basically a required perk since the UAV killstreak is the easiest one to earn in a multiplayer match. And it’s also one of the go-to purchases in Warzone to help folks figure out if an area is safe.

But many Call of Duty games have added the movement requirement to help combat camping playstyles. However, the movement requirement was incredibly strict. Even strafing wasn’t enough since you would still be stationary briefly while changing directions. 

Today’s change attempts to find a middle ground between the usefulness of equipping Ghost T/V camo without diminishing the value of a UAV to the point it’s not even worth equipping. I like the change. It could also help push people away from using the Assassin Vest. That gear was introduced with the launch of Season 1 and gives you the benefits of Ghost even while not moving. Like other Vests, there’s a give and take. While you gain a better version of Ghost, you can’t equip a Field Upgrade.

With the holiday season in full swing, this is likely the last big update we see from the devs before Christmas. Today’s update also changed the weapon meta, footstep audio, and added new multiplayer and Warzone playlists. The file size was a little over 2GB for me on Xbox.