Starfield launch numbers

Starfield Is Bethesda’s Biggest Launch Ever As It Soars Past Ten Million Players

Bethesda is celebrating Starfield’s successful launch with another milestone. 10+ million players. The number comes in a post celebrating the milestone. How that translates to sales isn’t clear. Publishers these days don’t tend to publicize hard sales data like they did in the past. Instead, they focus on user metrics like players.

Still, Bethesda does say it’s the biggest launch in Bethesda history. Launching day one on Game Pass had a big hand in making this happen. 

We can better understand how big Starfield is using Steam charts and Xbox’s Most Played Charts. On Steam, the game hit an all-time peak of 330,723. 

This is below Fallout 4’s Steam peak of 472,962, but how we play games has changed today versus eight years ago. Game Pass likely peeled off a sizable chunk of players who would have bought it on Steam. It did for me. 

On the Xbox side, you can see just how popular Starfield is. Two weeks after launch, Starfield is still ahead of Call of Duty (including Warzone) and only behind Fortnite. 

So, even without Bethesda’s statement saying it’s their biggest launch ever – Starfield is a hit. 

Starfield will keep Bethesda busy for quite some time. The devs have already announced work on official DLSS and FOV slider support. Creation Kit is slated for early 2024. And a story expansion was already revealed via the game’s Premium Edition. Not much is known about it except that it will be a “story expansion” called Shattered Space. 

We also got a glimpse of the future of Xbox and Bethesda with the recent release of unredacted documents from the FTC v. Microsoft. We saw what the redesigned Xbox Series X will likely look like, and news of several re-releases of Bethesda games, including an Oblivion and Fallout 3 remaster.