Starfield FOV slider update

A Tiny Starfield Update Adds Official FOV Slider Support

Nearly one month after confirming work was underway for official FOV slider support, the update (1.7.36) adding it is here. The Starfield FOV slider is located under ‘Accessibility’ in Settings. First person and third-person are supported with a slider ranging from 70 to 110. 

Starfield was the commercial hit most of us expected as it quickly became Bethesda’s biggest launch ever with the simultaneous Game Pass launch helping it rocket past ten million players. And while it was relatively bug free for a Bethesda game, there were some notable features missing like the FOV slider at launch. Today’s update added that.

What’s next? In the near-term, Bethesda is working on DLSS support, an HDR calibration menu, 32:9 ultrawide monitor support, and an eat button for food. 

Here’s everything added in today’s small update:

  • FOV: Sliders are now available in Settings that allow players using first person or third person to adjust their FOV.
  • [PC ONLY] Improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs.
  • Various additional stability and performance improvements.
  • Quest – Echoes of the Past: Addressed an issue where tunneling creatures could pick a location that would prevent progression.

Work will continue on adding features, fixing bugs, and improving performance. But what the community is really looking forward to is the launch of Starfield Creation Kit (modding tools). We know the devs at Bethesda are aiming for an early 2024 launch for it. Bethesda also confirmed the modding tools will work across all platforms (PC and Xbox) “similar to what we’ve done with Skyrim and Fallout 4.”

In my post confirming Xbox mods, I mentioned how the timeline between a Bethesda game launch and official mod support has been between three and five months. That five-month gap lines up well with Bethesda’s current target of early 2024. 

The modding community is still going strong, creating nearly 4,000 mods so far. And if previous Bethesda games are any indicator, fans will be in for a treat once official support launches.