Ok, let’s all bow down to Ken Block. The guy can drive, and single handedly helps GoPro meet their quarterly expectations. The latest Gymkhana video is out, and has him taking over the streets of Los Angeles in a rebuilt 1965 Ford Mustang.

No, this isn’t your average Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds. It’s so much more, and makes you want one. Seriously, you crank this up and Al Gore cries. Number one, it’s a 1965 all-wheel-drive Mustang. Horsepower? Damn right it has it. 845 horses to be exact. Sorry, they didn’t offer MPG, so assume this isn’t a hybrid.

Seeing as no one would be crazy enough to let me drive this, I would have loved to be an on-duty cop that got to watch this up close. Ken Block hit pretty much every icon of LA, doing a burnout around Randy’s Donuts. Oh, and this is the only time you will see zero traffic in LA.

The video is sponsored by Hoonigan, Need For Speed and of course Ford. Check out Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles.

Image Credit: Hoonigan along with Mike Blabac, Larry Chen, Roncar, Pierre Wikberg and 13th Witness.


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