Remember the heyday of old-school social networking? Your Myspace friends. The seizure inducing backgrounds. Well, the company is sending out emails with your old photos. What? You thought that embarrassing photo was gone? Myspace doesn’t have a forget me function, it is instead going with the ‘for the love of god, please come back.’

Weird? You bet, but the company is insisting it’s not blackmailing you with old photos to get you back on the site. So, the subject line of ‘Your Photos are Back!’ to old users is just a nice reminder?

Myspace says it is just reaching out to its current and past users. Yeah, let’s put a heavy emphasis on old users. The company is rumored to have 15 billion photos of users in its database. Yep, the NSA just perked up and has a new target to hack. Oh, I mean meta data. My fault.

If Myspace has that many photos, can you just imagine the breadth of Facebook and Instagram? I mean, we were rocking flip-phones in the Myspace era. Now Apple is letting me become a semi-pro photographer.

In 2012, Myspace wasted $20 million on an ad campaign to attract users back. Even if the email old photos idea is messed up, the ROI has to be through the roof. If you are looking at your screen incredulously about the revelation Myspace still exists, here’s a quick primer to bring you up to speed.

In 2011, Specific Media and Justin Timberlake bought the company from News Corp. for $35 million. Since then, it has been given a fresh coat of paint and become decently popular with bands looking to post their music and connect with fans.

Looks like not enough fans were connecting, so those high school photos you posted? Yeah, they are back. Myspace wants you to login and enjoy the site again. Or, at least have a good laugh at that haircut.


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