New Warzone 2 Map Vondel Brings Hardpoint-Inspired Mode In Season 4

Warzone 2 is going all out for Season 4. The latest season kicks off on June 14 and brings a new Warzone map: Vondel. Developed by Beenox, Vondel is described as between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island in size. It’s a good middle ground for the folks who might not always enjoy the frenetic action of Ashika Island but also not like the sometimes lengthy downtime between fights on Al Mazrah. 

Here’s a bit more about the new map coming in Season 4:

“Vondel features 15 distinct points of interest, including a medieval Castle dating back to Saxon times, an abandoned Zoo, a Greek Revival–styled City Hall, and a soccer Stadium currently set up for an epic paintball tournament final. There are also densely packed town houses, small alleyway cafés, and a variety of other locales to explore and take tactical advantage of.

However, Vondel’s unique topography and access points are focused around its intricate canal system. In addition to several different road types and bridges, Operators can dive (or even drive) into the water surrounding Vondel’s islands and city streets, or use watercraft and a new amphibious vehicle to get around this tight cityscape.”

I’m excited to try the new limited-time mode going live on June 28. Dubbed Lockdown, the devs say they took inspiration from Multiplayer’s Hardpoint mode. Instead of vying to be the last team standing, teams of four will capture and hold zones across Vondel. And custom loadouts will be available from the start of the match. 

The devs say Lockdown games will last about double the usual Hardpoint match or about fifteen minutes. Great for folks looking to play something different and quicker than a classic Battle Royale match. 

It’s good to see the devs start trying different things with Warzone modes. There are not many ways to tinker with the Battle Royale formula besides player count or changes to how players are brought back in (i.e., Resurgence). 

I do hope they lean a little more toward party-style modes. Something like a super-sized Infection mode or Battle Royale with Ground War tanks would be silly but could also be an absolute blast. 

Season 4 brings a lot of Call of Duty content to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. Besides a new Warzone map, seven new multiplayer maps are inbound, along with four new weapons. Check out the full blog post for all the new stuff coming later this month. 

We should also get our first look at Vondel in action during tomorrow’s Summer Game Fest.