From one spectacle to the next. Furious 7 will be ceding its domestic box office crown to ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ this weekend. Furious 7 enjoyed one final weekend on top of the US market, earning $18 million.

It also became the third film to gross one billion dollars off international box office receipts alone. For perspective, the film smashed records in China with $323 million. No wonder there’s a Furious 8 on the way.

The run comes to an end this weekend stateside, with the release of the second Avengers movie.

Avengers: Age of Ultron International Debut

Marvel is not about to be outdone by Universal’s mega-hit. The film has already debuted in 44 markets, racking up $201.2 million in box office receipts.

Oh, and China isn’t on the list of 44 markets. The film releases on May 12 in what is fast becoming Hollywood’s new goldmine.

Projections for its stateside opening this weekend are for around $214 million. If the figure holds, Age of Ultron will break the first film’s record for the largest domestic weekend ever. It needs to eclipse $207.4 million for the record books.

Marvel’s Billion-Dollar Avengers Franchise

The first Avengers film went on to gross $1.5 billion worldwide, with $895 million coming from box office receipts. With its international haul already staggering and the performance shown by Furious 7, the Avengers could be the fourth film to earn a billion plus overseas.

avengers age of ultron box office

There are some ‘critical’ headwinds for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Critical reception has been less than stellar. The first Avengers enjoyed a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while the sequel sits at 78%.

Will that affect the box office? Not a chance. Fans are hyped for the film, and it’s projecting to break opening weekend records. Plus, 78% for a popcorn movie? Most studios pop champagne for reception like that.

And then there’s China. With May kicking off the rapid fire of summer tentpoles from all the major studios domestically, Marvel will look to China and the international market to smash records.


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