Psychonauts 2

More than 214 million people play games in the U.S. alone. And in recent years, there’s been a push to make sure anyone can play games no matter their skill or disability. Microsoft is one of the leaders in this area with its Xbox Adaptive Controller. On Friday, the company tweeted, “beating the game on the lowest difficulty is still beating the game.”

Microsoft’s Double Fine studio chimed in and said, “If you beat Psychonauts 2 with the invincibility toggle on, you still beat P2.”

They followed it up with how everyone should be able to play and, more importantly, enjoy games.

“All people should be able to enjoy games. All ages, all possible needs. It’s an ongoing and important process for our industry and a challenge we need to met.”

“End of the day? We want you to have fun, to laugh, to experience a story that affects you. On whatever terms you want.”

That also means anyone who uses this feature earns achievements just like everyone else.

It’s all about options. I always go through a Halo campaign on Legendary, but I know there are folks who either can’t or might just be starting shooters for the first time. It’s great that more developers are offering these options so everyone can enjoy games.

Psychonauts 2 is set for an August 25th release. And while Double Fine is now owned by Microsoft, Psychonauts 2 is still coming to PlayStation. Along with Xbox (day one on Game Pass) and PC.

Shooters are my jam, but I like to dip into story games from time to time as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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