Good news, PUBG is getting a new weapon. But there’s a ‘but.’ It’s map specific to Sanhok. PUBG’s devs are continuing a trend they started with Miramar. The desert map had a lever-action rifle and a sawed-off shotgun that was nowhere to be found on Erangel. For Sanhok, the developers are tossing a new assault rifle into the mix.

PUBG Sanhok QBZ95 rifle

The QBZ95 is a 5.56mm assault rifle and takes the place of the SCAR-L across the tropical island of Sanhok. Here’s a short clip of it in action.

I’m all for new weapons. PUBG needs any boost it can get when it comes to the loot table. But enough with the map specific weapons. Just add them to all the maps. It’ll add a little life to Erangel, a map we’ve all been playing for more than a year now.

Luckily, finding weapons isn’t a problem on Sanhok. The folks at Bluehole took the exact opposite approach when designing the smaller map. Everyone gets a weapon as soon as they hit the ground. Seriously, assault rifles are damn near in every building. You won’t have matches where you go through half a dozen buildings with only a pistol to show for it.

The next patch that adds Sanhok and a lot of other fixes is live right now on the test server and will hit live servers on Friday.

One of the changes coming this week is related to how accuracy modifiers work. Here’s how the devs describe it in the patch notes.

Accuracy modifiers applied from moving, changing movement stances or aiming modes are no longer applied instantly.

This means that for example, when aiming down the sight, you won’t gain the full accuracy improvements from ADS until your sights are aligned.

I’ll be jumping on the test server tonight to see how big of a change (if any) this really is.

The devs are also looking after our ears in this new update. The deafening plane engine at the start of the match has been lowered. Now all I need is for the car engines while riding to be lowered and I’ll be okay.

The map selection feature is also being tweaked. It’s now split into two playlists: Battle Royale (Erangel and Miramar) and Mini Royale (Sanhok). A ‘pick 2’ system between all three maps would be better. I don’t hate any of the maps, but I do hate getting stuck on Miramar match after match.

We’ll see how Bluehole keeps tweaking it in the future. Especially, with a fourth map on the way.

When announcing a new sales milestone today, Bluehole acknowledged more needed to be done to make PUBG the game it needs to be. All of us play a role in shaping what the game will become. If you have problem with the game, let your voice be heard.

Let me know what you think of Sanhok in the comments. Me? I’m digging the faster matches along with the huge bump in loot.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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