Rondo map in PUBG

When Rondo first launched earlier this month, it didn’t include everything shown in the gameplay reveal trailer. Features like the Market System, Armored UAZ, Cover Flare, and the healing equipment were missing. Today, the folks behind PUBG published a short roadmap detailing these features and more will come starting in January. 

Update 27.2 is coming in January and will include the following:

  • Market System
  • Garage & Pillar UAZ (armored UAZ)
  • Emergency Cover Flare
  • Battle Ready Kit (new healing equipment)
  • EMP Zone (looks like a special danger zone for Rondo, similar to bombs or the sandstorm on the other maps)
  • Special Drops (new cosmetic items)

Details on how the Market System will work are still slim, but it likely functions similarly to Warzone’s buy stations. In a previous trailer, we can see weapon attachments, smokes, the Emergency Cover Flare, and the Battle Ready Kit appear in it. 

We don’t know what kind of mechanism will be used to purchase these items. Also, will the entire loot pool be available, or only certain attachments/throwables/items?

The brief roadmap also gave us a glimpse of what’s coming in Update 28.1 in February. While it’s nothing big like another map or weapons, two interesting features are coming: 

  • Co-op Climb
  • Vehicle Parkour

Both are small on paper but could offer significant gameplay changes in certain areas. Co-op Climb suggests being able to get to higher areas than before. And vehicle parkour should make getting on top of certain buildings easier without wrestling with the current parkour system. 

What about the rest of 2024? A PUBG sequel is unlikely and doesn’t appear to be in active development. The team responsible for the franchise, PUBG Studios, is working on an extraction shooter tentatively titled Project Black Budget. That game is aiming for a mid-late 2024 launch according to Krafton’s most recent earnings.

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