Operation Para Bellum is packed with the usual goodies for a hefty Rainbow Six Siege update. Two new operators, a new map, weapon skins, Operator balancing, and a host of other fixes. This update also shows some love to the folks with a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.

Deep inside the patch notes for the Para Bellum update is a quick paragraph about support for ‘Pro’ consoles. The highlights are a bump in resolution to 1728p on Xbox One X and 1440p on PS4 Pro.

From the patch notes:

We have increased the resolution to 1728p on the Xbox One X, and 1440p on the PlayStation 4 Pro, while maintaining 50% render scaling (same as before). We are currently working on dynamically increasing the render scaling when performance allows it. This will allow for better render quality in low-complexity scenes, while maintaining 60 fps at all times by adjusting the render scaling dynamically. We do not have an ETA for when this additional dynamic render scaling will be implemented.

I mostly play Siege on Xbox One and can’t wait for this update. Siege is one of the best shooters I’ve ever played, but coming back to it after playing games with Xbox One X enhancements is rough. The current 900p resolution is a blurry mess compared to the games running in 4K.

As for when your Xbox One X/PS4 Pro gets a new game to show off on? Ubisoft plans to roll out the update in June. No specific date has been announced just yet, but folks on PC can get a taste of Operation Para Bellum on the test server starting today.

Besides the support for Xbox One X/PS4 Pro and the new Operators and map, I’m pumped to see the changes made to the Club House map. The developers are calling it a “map buff” with Level Artists and Designers revisiting the map three years later “armed with years of know-how and a series of advanced tools.”

Not only is the layout being tweaked, but the Level Artists are reworking textures, adding lighting, and more. Club House is the first map to get a “buff,” and the developers want to hear from you about what works and what doesn’t with the changes. What they’ll learn from the new Club House will influence how the team revisits other maps in the future.

What are you most pumped to see in Operation Para Bellum? Me? I can’t wait to see how clean Siege looks on Xbox One X.

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