Splunk, a big data vendor, is making waves in cloud services today. Not only is Splunk Cloud service getting a 33% discount, the service is also offering the first 100% uptime guarantee. Splunk Cloud was first introduced last year as a way for customers to simplify and speed access to the company’s software on Amazon Web Services.

The big news is not the price cut. Amazon has been cutting its storage and compute prices repeatedly since its inception. It is the 100% uptime guarantee that has the tech world buzzing. Of course, nothing is up 100% of the time, so the company is backing the guarantee with financial penalties.

Splunk was able to introduce the price cuts due in large part to Amazon’s massive 51% cut on its s3 service, and 38% cut on its general-purpose server instances. The uptime guarantee is sure to grab additional customers. In a time when there are multiple security breaches and denial-of-service attacks, any company that backs their guarantee with money is sure to draw attention.

Included in the announcement are free developer sandboxes. Developers can test and modify before deployment. New service plans were also introduced. They are taking big data quite literally with new plans offering as much as 5 terabytes of data analyzed per day. Before this plan, the ceiling was 1 terabyte. Plans start at 5 gigabytes, and the pricing tiers now extend all the way to 5 terabytes.

Splunk 3.1 App for Enterprise Security

In addition to the news of price cuts and uptime, Splunk unveiled next-gen threat detection. The Splunk App for Enterprise Security comes with a risk scoring framework for IT security personnel. To make it easier for companies, the app comes complete with a guided search to access security analytics.

Prioritizing via a scoring framework will be a boon for IT in this new, security breach rich world. It is one thing to analyze big data, Splunk allows for data to be separated from the noise and risk assessed.

The big news will be the price cuts and uptime, but the security upgrades will be the biggest use to Splunk customers.


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