Starfield mods

Starfield Passes 700 Mods, More Than 100 New Mods Added Every Day

Starfield is now officially available to folks who didn’t buy their way into early access. And Skyrim/Fallout fans are already getting a small taste of what the game’s future holds. In less than a week, modders have added just over 700 mods. That’s north of 100 per day since its release. A Reddit user pointed out the early milestone. The same user pointed out that this is before the release of the Creation Kit (Bethesda’s official mod editor tool). 

So, what are folks downloading? The most popular mods in these early days mainly address bugs/performance. Let’s take a look at some of them:

And it wouldn’t be the Bethesda modding scene without some absurd mods. Here’s one that changes your flashlight into Nicolas Cage’s face. 

Mods helped keep Bethesda games popular for years. Even with Starfield’s release this week, Skyrim still has more than 20,000 players on it right now. Starfield is likely to see similar legs. New content like missions, planets, ships, and more will come later. That’ll come once Bethesda releases its official toolkit called Creation Kit. 

When will Starfield’s Creation Kit be released? So far, we haven’t heard anything official on a release date from Bethesda. But we can look to the past to get an idea of how long it might take. For Skyrim, it was about three months after release. Fallout 4 took a little longer, at five months. Three to six months is a safe guess. 

And don’t worry, Xbox fans. Like Skyrim and Fallout 4, mods will also be coming to console. But that won’t happen until Bethesda releases their official mod tools first.