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Straw Gun Purchase Law Barely Upheld in Divided Supreme Court

In a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, the straw purchase law that prevents people from buying guns for others was upheld. It what seems like a common sense gun law, it divided the court down partisan lines.

The law is designed to keep people from buying firearms for convicted felons or those with mental illnesses. Though the people with mental illnesses can just as easily check no on the form required to purchase a gun.

One possible reason for the division is that the case was brought by a former policeman looking for a discount. His uncle, eligible to buy a firearm in his own right, decided to see if they could work a deal. The buyer checked yes that the gun purchase was for him.

So, it’s easy to see the opposing argument that this guy shouldn’t be hit with breaking a law. He’s doing what every American does, leveraging for a discount. Multiple corporations offer discounts to former officers or military members.

That doesn’t mean the straw purchase law should be stripped. It just means a local DA needs to show some discretion. The idea that this could strip the entirety of the law is a bit much. The NICS check already has enough holes in it for people to walk through.

The other case decided on today was a unanimous decision to allow an anti-abortion group in Ohio continue its challenge of an Ohio law that makes it illegal to lie about candidates in races. Opponents say it violates their free speech and the Supreme Court seemed to agree. We can almost make straw purchases for felons and blatantly lie in political races. America baby.

This is just one of the many cases the Supreme Court has to rule on before the end of June. Evidently, the court enjoys procrastinating as much as Congress, and has 14 on the docket that have to be decided.

If you are a tech junkie, the Aereo case is one to watch.

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