Ok, this is awesome. Can you put this together cheaper? Probably. Will it look as cool? Not a chance. Taurus is jumping feet first into the prepping movement. It’s all about when it all goes to hell.

Sure, you may have your base, your bug-out-location or maybe even a bunker. Sounds great. You’re ready. You’ve even stocked up on enough fish antibiotics to have Petco employees eying you suspiciously. Hey, the goldfish has MRSA. Don’t judge.

There’s just one problem. Name your ‘world just went to hell scenario.’ It can be anything. Now ask yourself, what if you at a damn McDonald’s getting some nuggets. No, doing some ‘lovin it’ move isn’t going to save you. Maybe some free nuggets, but you’re screwed.

Enter the Taurus First 24. It comes in a handy case and complete with what you need to get back home. Flashlight? Check. Paracord? Check. Batteries? Check. A Taurus Judge that shoots .410 shells. Hell yes.

It even has a cutout for a box of ammo. Perfect for the Hornady critical defense round. The flashlight is a Brite Strike EPLI that rates at 220 lumens. If you need help signalling, the case has 3 Brite Strike APALS in white, red and green.

Besides the Judge, I really love the knife. It’s a Columbia River Survival Knife in tan. Matter of fact, everything is in tan.

According to Taurus, they assembled a team of experts to build the ultimate case.

The FIRST 24™ system provides the necessary tools to survive as you reach safety. A team of industry experts selected the premium components that outfit this kit designed to keep with you as part of your everyday life. Aimpro Tactical custom tuned and finished every Taurus Judge and CRKT Knife to their exacting standards.

Pricing is at $1500, so you going to have to sell a few silver eagles out of your stash to get it. It looks beyond cool and I want one.


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