Diablo 4 double XP

Are you looking to get one of your characters to level 100 or start a fresh one? Blizzard is giving a 25% boost to XP and Gold this weekend as part of Mother’s Blessing Weekend. This bonus covers both Seasonal and Eternal Realms. And it applies to all World Tiers. So, it’s a 25% boost on top of whatever bonuses you get via the different difficulties (or the Battle Pass). 

The XP/gold boost will show via an in-game icon right next to your potions when it goes live on September 1 and lasts until September 5. 

Diablo 4 Season 1 still has about a month and half before it wraps up, so there’s plenty of time to try out new classes and see how Malignant Hearts (Season 1’s new mechanic) interact with them. 

Blizzard already teased Season 2: Season of Blood last week during Gamescom. Here’s a quick rundown of what we know so far:

  • New questline: “At the behest of their dark master, a newly turned army of ravenous vampires has set their sights on Sanctuary. The master’s sinister plot remains a shrouded mystery but their pursuit for the blood of innocents has caused an uproar. You must learn to hunt the hunter—your fate depends on it.”
  • Vampiric Powers
  • 5 new endgame bosses (Blizzard also says these will let you farm specific unique and Uber uniques)
  • Gems no longer take inventory space
  • Changes to Elemental Resistance system
  • Updates to Vulnerable, Overpower, and Critical Strike Damage.
  • Stash can be searched and filtered.

Here’s the announcement trailer for Season 2:

Blizzard has also learned from their mistake with the patch right before Season 1. In a recent chat with RockPaperShotgun, Blizzard’s Rod Fergusson described the pushback from fans as “definitely educational.” Fans can expect the devs to be more communicative with patches around Seasons moving forward. 

And expect more build diversity, too, moving forward. “We want every build to be viable and we want to have a diversity of builds,” says Fergusson. “We don’t want just one way to play.”

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