Mortal Kombat movie trailer

The New Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Actually Looks Great

Movie trailers have one job. Sell you on watching the movie and the new Mortal Kombat trailer more than does it. In just over two minutes, we see how Jax gets his pair of metal arms followed by quick looks at most of Mortal Kombat’s memorable cast. Kano and his laser eye? Yup. Liu Kang summoning a fire dragon? Oh yeah. And we see Raiden, Sonya, Kung Lao, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung, Mileena, and more.

Hell, we even get to see what looks like MK 11’s fatal blow mechanic come to life in a movie during the Sub-Zero/Scorpion fight at the end of the trailer.

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t expecting a Mortal Kombat trailer to look this good. The action sequences look fantastic. But I’m curious to see how the movie might balance the original Mortal Kombat movie’s memorable corniness with the slick action we see in today’s trailer. Director Simon McQuoid touches on this and much more in a lengthy sitdown with IGN as he goes over today’s trailer.

Give that IGN chat a watch. The more I hear McQuoid talk about Mortal Kombat, the more pumped I am to see it. 

And it wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat without Scorpion screaming ‘get over here’ alongside a tease of the original’s iconic theme at the end of the trailer.

Will the new Mortal Kombat movie deliver on the elusive good video game movie? Who knows, but I’ll be firing up my HBO Max subscription and kicking back on my couch when it hits HBO Max and theaters on April 16.