Diablo 4 stash upgrade

Here’s Why We’re Only Getting One Stash Tab in Diablo 4’s Patch 1.1.1

Armor, weapons, aspects, gems, and now Malignant Hearts. Diablo 4’s Stash situation was already becoming a juggling act. With the upcoming patch 1.1.1, we’re all getting a little more space with one additional tab and a tweak to elixirs that will increase their stack size to 99. That elixir change should help clear up a little room for folks to carry more Nightmare Sigils to access Nightmare Dungeons.

Why only one extra stash tab? Blizzard’s Joseph Piepiora jumped on Twitter over the weekend to explain. The issue is directly tied to game performance because every player you come across also has their entire stash loaded. 

Increased stash sizes were one of the more vocal requests from the community shortly after the game’s launch. Piepiora’s explanation makes sense on why this wasn’t added sooner. And why Blizzard is opting only to add one extra tab right now.

It does seem like an odd design choice to force-load stash items of all players. Inventory I get because of the trading mechanic, and you want to see the equipped gear from other players.

And with Piepiora saying the new stash tabs “create a lot of memory overhead,” I wonder if this is part of the slight performance hiccups we see when entering a new zone or entering/leaving towns.

This new stash tab is a small part of what we’ll see with patch 1.1.1. Here’s a quick rundown of what else is coming:

More news on patch 1.1.1 is expected during Friday’s Campfire Chat.