What did Dodge bring to SEMA in Las Vegas? The classic 1971 Dodge Challenger. There’s a problem, though. It’s not a classic dressed up to win awards. Instead, the Challenger keeps the classic look but modernizes everything else.

How the hell are we supposed to go into a Dodge dealership and buy the current generation Dodge Challenger? C’mon, you can’t show off a car this gorgeous and expect us not to want it produced.

1971 Shakedown Dodge challenger front grille

Shakedown Dodge Challenger

Here’s how it breaks down. Dodge took a 1971 body and updated it to 2016 specs. Under the hood is a 485-hp HEMI paired with a Tremec T6060 six-speed transmission. Not enough for you? Mopar jumped in with a laundry list of upgrades. A Mopar cold air intake, custom lowered suspension in the front and rear, dual exhausts, and the modern shaker hood kit.

1971 Shakedown Dodge challenger interior

The front grille should look familiar because it’s straight from the modern-day Challenger. Along with the taillights. Then Dodge tossed in Brembo-red SRT brakes and the SRT Hellcat Slingshot wheels to make you green with envy.

Inside the Shakedown Challenger, the classic old seats are gone for Katzkin leather and Alcantara Viper seating. The SRT Hellcat shift knob, Mopar instrument panel, and Viper steering wheel complete the look.

dodge challenger

Hey, no one is saying the current Dodge Challenger is ugly, but damn. Did you have to tempt us this way? I’m almost positive you violated our constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment. If you had a chance to see it at SEMA, sound off in the comments.

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