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We can all agree we sit at the computer a bit too much. Ok, maybe more than a bit too much. As in we are permanently grafted to our computer chairs. While there are several solutions to alleviate the back pain, there’s nothing better than taking a break by standing up for a bit. Standing desks offer the best of both worlds, getting you off your behind and into a better posture for those lower back pains.

Best Standing Desks Heading into 2022

FlexiSpot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

It’s built like a tank and has plenty of size options. I opted for the smaller 48 x 24 inches, but go big if you have the room in your home office. Flexispot offers two frame color options for the legs, including white or black. Personally, I opted for black to keep it cleaner looking.

The options are endless with the ability to add everything from cable management to a standing mat and even a treadmill. A treadmill is getting a bit too wild for me. You got me out of the chair, don’t expect me to start running. Baby steps.

My one gripe with the options is the lack of color options for the top. I would have loved to have a darker wood, but the light bamboo paired with the black is sleek. Standing adjustment ranges from 23.6″ to 49.2″, so unless you’re a D1 basketball player, the range will work for the vast majority of the population. 

Pricing is solid at $499 and comes with a 30-day return policy.  

Jarvis Fully Standing Desk

You’ve seen these on YouTube by your favorite creators. Like FlexiSpot, Fully has an endless area of options for their standing desks. Depending on your needs, the L-shaped option is a nice one to have but could stress the motors when transitioning to a standing desk. All the standard options are here, including sizes, treadmills, chairs, and cable management. It does come at a steeper price, with the base model hitting $539 and quickly surpassing $1000

Another ding against the Jarvis compared to the FlexiSpot is the adjustment range. You have to pay extra to get the three-stage range over the shorter two-stage system. It all comes down to needs. If you’re looking for a certain style, Fully has quite the expansive lineup of standing desks. You just need to bring your credit card. 

Uplift Standing Desk

Uplift would be higher on the list if not for the pricing. The level of customization is impressive, with the user able to choose from any type of finish for the top. Walnut? Check. Whiteboard? Check. Mahogany? It seems excessive, but if you have the $650 to add it on, it’s there for you. Uplift is probably the king of customization, but it comes at a steep cost. 

The base desk starts at $599, and it skyrockets higher from there. Is it worth it? I wouldn’t mind a mahogany desk, but that price is way too rich for my blood. Like the other companies on the list, the accessories are endless, with Uplift adding monitor arms, smartphone charging, and more. One item I love is the ability to get to a desk that’s 30-inches deep and 80-inches wide. That’s huge. Too big for my home office, but a man can dream. 

Autonomous Standing Desk

The quirky standing desk of the bunch. Its starting price of $699 is steeper than most, but the options are meant for creatives. The frame is only in white, with the top being a selection of wood finishes or hand-drawn graphics. It’s different for sure, and I wish there were a bit more at the price. There aren’t a lot of accessories on offer, but it feels like a design choice by the company to keep the focus on the design. 

Ikea Standing Desk

I’m almost afraid to know what it would take to assemble this desk. Shockingly, it’s one of the pricier desks on the list at $599 starting, but the Swedish style comes through. It looks damn good in a home office. It even comes with an app if you’re feeling extra lazy. It falls on the list due to a design decision on the lack of options. It comes in one color, and if you’re thinking of a list of accessories, think again. Ikea is known for its minimalism, and its standing desk is no different. 

The desk is meant for people looking for a certain aesthetic. If that’s you, then the Ikea standing desk is a winner. If you want more from your home office setup, look elsewhere. 

Overall, there’s a ton of options for standing desks. You can choose those with the most accessories or opt for the ultimate Swedish minimalism with Ikea. If you opt for a standing desk for the holidays into 2022, be sure to check out our guide on the best desk pads.

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