Google Glass might be the butt of jokes in the consumer space, but companies are still showing interest based on Google’s new program, Glass at Work.

Today, Google announced the first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners. Hundreds of developers applied for the program, but Google chose just five to be inaugural partners.

Here’s the first five companies chosen for Glass at Work.

APX Labs

APX Labs are known for Skylight, a business focused software for Google Glass. Users of the software get real-time access to enterprise data. Skylight says their software is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies across several industries.


Augmedix is a medical focused app that gives doctors the ability to push and pull info from the Electronic Health Record. This frees up hours of work at a computer and lets doctors focus on more important things such as patient care.


CrowdOptic brings big events to fans in a new way with Google Glass. Some of their products include sports broadcasting, sports analytics, electronic news gathering and more.


GuidiGo aspires to bring people together with stories told through art and culture. The company is partnering with museums and cultural institutions to bring the world’s culture closer to everyone.

Wearable Intelligence

Wearable Intelligence is another company that is building products that push information to users exactly when they need it.


Mavic Pro

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