What makes a supercar?

For Aston Martin, it’s equal parts refined elegance and raw power. The Geneva Motor Show is here and with it comes the launch of new supercars. It’s safe to say Aston Martin isn’t going to disappoint with the DB11.

For those worried that Aston Martin would compromise beauty for power, fear not. The company refuses to compromise its standards. The chief creative officer and head of design, Marek Reichman, explained the company’s philosophy.

“We stand for beautiful cars, and beauty is very much about proportion. It’s two-thirds to one-third with the bonnet.”

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin chief Andy Palmer unveiled the supercar to the capacity crowd on the Palexpo show floor. A 5.2-liter turbocharged V12 outputting 600 horsepower and 518 lb.-ft. of awesome.


What it has in raw power, it doubles down in the style department. The hood is the largest on a production sports car, and the length of the hood was emphasized by executives at Aston Martin.

If it wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the grill was reworked by the team of designers to harken back to the days of the DB4s and DB5s.

Designer by trade? You’ll appreciate the company’s insistence the DB11 uses designs ‘golden proportion’ philosophy. Other terms for it include the golden ration. Artists and architects in the 20th century have used the philosophy, especially as it relates to the golden rectangle.

But, it’s all about the DB11 today.

Aston Martin DB11 Technology

Power and design. That’s enough for me, but we all want the latest and greatest technology in our lives. All new LED lights are adaptive at lower speeds to help with cornering. The daytime running lights? Prepare to turn heads. Sure, it’s for safety, but it’s also to announce you are cruising by.


Even the engine enjoyed the technological upgrade. To create a fuel efficient supercar (that’s relative), the engine is essentially two V6s. When you’re driving in traffic, it operates as a V6.

Feel a little aggressive? Mash the gas and the V12 monster comes out to play.

Other features include the interior which melds the power of the engine with pure luxury. A partnership with Daimler has allowed the automaker to up its credentials in the in-cabin electronics department. Stopping drivers will be Brembo brakes. The ride is handled by Bilstein shocks and the ZF eight-speed transmission makes life damn fun.

aston martin db11 rear

Price? Officially, the company wants to hold that closer to when the car arrives in showrooms. But, based on other Aston Martins, expect pricing in the $215,000 range.

The DB11 is Aston Martin’s first entry in what it calls the ‘Second Century’ era. Hell of a way to start.

Enjoy a quick reel from the company and get to work on the winning Powerball numbers. I’m debating number combinations…

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