Automatic telescopic boom for your phone? Check. Integrated soft lights for those #nofilter shots? Sure. How about fans to get your hair looking just right? Not sure I’d use them with a buzzcut, but hell, why not?

The automatic selfie stick is the type of product you laugh at but secretly want. It’s like a moped. Great idea until your friends find out.

Oh, right. The catch. The automatic selfie stick isn’t real. Some genius at Lifetime cooked up this teaser for the second season of UnREAL. Well played.

Reading the YouTube comments is always fun. Why wait until the end of a 60-second video to comment on the selfie generation? Or the people demanding the product become a reality.

Technically, you could strap two battery operated fans on a current selfie stick. You already look ridiculous. Might as well embrace it.

lifetime promo for unreal unveils automatic selfie stick

Don’t worry. With over 300k views, someone is already plotting to get this on store shelves. Sure, convince yourself it’s a gag gift. We all know the truth. You are looking at the integrated LED fill lights with excitement.

It might be one hell of a TV promo today. But tomorrow? There’s a company who sees dollar signs buried in our selfie insanity.

Well done Lifetime. But the blame rests with you when the stick becomes a reality.

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