Style and sport. That’s a winning combination, especially from the audio titans at Bang & Olufsen. The company has released its wireless H5 earbuds to the masses and at a price that isn’t jaw dropping. $249 will secure you a pair of the wireless earbuds before Apple hauls off and kills the audio jack on the iPhone (still a maybe).

The H5s are undeniable stylish, but it’s clear the company wanted to offer quality sound to the active set. A braided textile borrows design influences from sneakers, while the housing of the earbuds is a rubber and polymer mix resistant to moisture and sweat. Not waterproof, but if you sweat a ton, it can handle it.

Bang & Olufsen H5 Earbuds

Need to tweak the sound profile? It wouldn’t be 2016 without an app. Download Beoplay from Bang Olufsen to tweak the sound via the ToneTouch interface. Yeah, I know. Another app. At some point, we are going to need an app to manage all of the various product apps.

The $249 is a pre-release price with shipping set for July 11.

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