The old days of YouTube being uploaded smartphone clips are gone. The major players in each niche treat it as a job and the equipment shown off in a BTS Desi Perkins video proves she’s not just a beauty YouTuber. She’s a legitimate videographer.

Desi’s subscriber base is nearly three million, making her one of the top beauty and makeup YouTubers. Recently, she took her subscribers behind the camera showing what’s used in each production. Those dismissive of non-photographer/videographer channels should take note of the skill the owners of these channels possess.

You’re looking at over $10,000 in lighting and camera gear. Now, before aspiring YouTubers, Vloggers or Twitch streamers get discouraged, you can take a lot of shortcuts towards a budget vlogging setup. Both stress in the video some of the equipment falls into the ‘nice to have’ versus ‘must have.’

Let’s run down the list of gear. The main camera is a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Canon EF 70-200mm lens. Right off the bat, you can go budget here. The 5D Mark IV shoots 4K and retails around $3300 for the body, and the lens is nearly on $2,000 on Amazon.

Of course, the 5D Mark IV is nice, but it’s not a must. Take a look at their alternate camera, the Canon 80D. Jumping over to Amazon, you can grab the video creator kit for $1600. It includes the body, a kit lens, and a RODE mic. The 80D has the flip out screen, which is great for beginners and shoots in 1080p. Let your channel grow into the $10,000+ setup.

Next on their list is an audio system I definitely want. Desi’s channel makes use of both the Zoom H6 portable recorder ($349 on Amazon) and the $999 Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Super-Cardioid Shotgun mic. Definitely not cheap. For vloggers on a budget, the 80D kit has the RODE mic, and if you want the portable recorder, it’s reasonable thanks to the money saved on the camera.

Lighting. Thier setup includes Kino Flo 401s which retail for $926.25. Depending on your use, these can straddle the line between ‘want’ and ‘need.’ Let’s keep assuming an aspiring YouTuber. Lean towards the Diva Ring Light at $249 on Amazon. Toss in the stand for $40, and you have serious flexibility. And while it’s marketed towards beauty bloggers, ring lights are used across all niches, including Twitch.

Also, you can look into softbox lighting. Check out Fovitec’s StudioPRO double kit with stands for $164.95.

Vlogging Aspirations

The video from Desi isn’t to show off the gear. It’s to inspire new creators who will push the platforms even further. You don’t need a fully kitted out studio or the latest gear. Your voice will shine through no matter what the camera costs or what lighting is used. Keep making videos and push to make the next one better than the previous.

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