What’s old is always new again. Especially in the case of the new BMW R Nine T models – The Racer and The Pure. Not exactly scraping the bottom of the marketing barrel, but when the Pure looks that damn good, what’s in a name anyways?

The styling comes from the classic Motorrad bikes of old with the Pure pushing the always classy roadster look and the Racer might have jumped out of the 70s.

Powering the two models is the Nine T’s 1,170cc boxer engine that cranks out 110hp. Enough to get you in trouble. If you’re familiar with the Nine T line, you’ll recognize the modular frame designs that afford plenty of customizations.

BMW motorcycles R Models speedometer

Stock, each sport five-spoke alloy wheels, 2-in-1 stainless steel exhaust systems, ABS, and forged aluminum fork bridges and foot rests.



Yeah, motorcycles don’t exactly scream safe, but would you be reckless cruising on the Pure? Exactly…


Head over to BMW Motorcycles for more information on the new models and the automaker’s complete line of motorcycles.

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