It’s time turn to throw on our surprised face. Canon has quite the leaky ship, but we finally get the official word on the EOS M5, its newly redesigned mirrorless camera in the APS-C market. Still not competing with the A7 class from Sony, but we also don’t have to mortgage a house and beg for lenses.

And what’s that on the Canon EOS M5? An electronic viewfinder. A 2.36-million-dot EVF finally makes an appearance on a Canon mirrorless. We’ll call it fashionably late.

Canon EOS M Specs

It all comes down to the specs. At the heart of the M5 is a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor powered by a DIGIC 7 processor. Those hoping for gaudy ISO numbers should remember this is more Canon’s entry-level camera and not a professional camera.

Canon EOS M5 body

Plus, it’s better to have useable ISO than just being able to say it reaches some absurd number. The EOS M5 hits a comfortable range of 100-25,600. Not bad and the Canon’s new entry has the fastest autofocus of any M camera so far.

That should be a given, but Canon marketing wants that point hammered home. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF should provide smooth and precise autofocus. And you get to do the touch and drag autofocus even while in the camera’s EVF.

Canon EOS M5 with tilt screen

Keeping with the focus features, the M5 allows easier manual focusing with a focus peaking system which highlights areas of focus in both the EVF and the LCD.

Can’t have a camera announcement without marketing videos.


Not sold on this as a sports camera, but for your kid’s soccer game? It’ll work. And who does the soundtrack selection for these videos? Come on Canon. Just open up Spotify.

And the video example:

Ugh. I go over it below, but no 4K? That’s the equivalent of the PS4 Pro having 4K gaming but forgetting to put in the damn Blu-ray drive. Yeah… Come on fellas.


Oh hell yes it’s gonna have an app. And thankfully it uses Bluetooth LE to stay connected to your tablet or smartphone. It’s a good thing Apple got rid of the 16GB storage tier. Photographers need storage.

The addition of Bluetooth LE is a first in the M series of cameras and will connect to the Canon’s Camera Connect app.

Canon Redesigns EOS M5

It’s the first thing you noticed. The EOS M5 went through a makeover. On the outside, improved ergonomics throughout and the interface has been tweaked to provide more ease of use.

FPS, Video and More EOS M5 Specs

Hey, we aren’t shooting unless we are mashing the shutter release. The M5 can shoot at 7fps in continuous shooting mode (stretches to 9fps with AF lock). Looking for 4K video? You’ll be disappointed. It’s locked in at 1080 60p. That’s a rather glaring oversight considering the price of the camera. 4K drones can be had in the neighborhood of $500 now.

New Canon Kit Lens

Announced alongside the EOS M5 is the Canon EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM kit lens. We weren’t getting a new EOS M without a new kit lens which boasts 4-stop image stabilization and 8.3x zoom equaling 29-240mm in 35mm terms.

Canon EOS M5 with kit lens

And now the price. Releasing in November, the body alone will retail for $980 (Amazon / B&H). Adding a 15-45mm lens hits a price tag of $1,099 (Amazon / B&H). Want an all new setup? The Canon EOS 5M and the new kit lens will retail for $1479 (Amazon / B&H). Those kits will hit retail shelves in December.

The positives are the EVF and better AF. Granted; we need to see it in the real world. But not having 4K video? And to take it out the box and shoot with the new lens is near $1500 is a tough one to swallow.

You can make the argument 4K content isn’t there yet, so why have it? That’s true, but the idea is to buy a camera and not have to worry about waking up tomorrow, and suddenly everything is in 4K. $1500 damn near demands it at the price point especially when you’re not far off from a Sony mirrorless that shoots 4K and has an absurd feature set.

Still, you’ll be seeing these everywhere this holiday season. If you know your wish list includes 4K capability, make sure to point that out.

Sound off below in the comments on the announcement and possible new music for Canon marketing videos.

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