Small film crews can rejoice. Camera operator? Relax those shoulders. Cinema Devices is here to help with its Antigravity Rig. It puts the smoothness of a gimbal and vertical flexibility into one package.

And takes the weight of that package and moves it from your arms and shoulders to your hips and legs. If you’ve used a gimbaled camera system, you know it gets tiring damn quick. You can try to tough it out, or get a support vest. Those work, but you’re stuck at your height.

Announced at NAB, the rig is slated for production in July for $10,000. Not cheap for the weekend filmmakers, but for small production teams? It can immediately replace multiple systems while avoiding everyone hating life the next day after holding the camera for hours on end.

Cinema Devices vertical gimbal antigravity rig

Information is still sparse on the rig outside of a few video demonstrations, but Cinema Devices is promising:

The rig is fully configurable.
Go as big or small as you like.

All of the poles on the rig are telescopic, allowing you to navigate narrow doorways up to boom shots for big sweeping vistas.

Fully balanced gimbal high mode.

No more need to fight gravity using the gimbal in the inverted mode. The innovative fulcrum attachments bring a whole new level of stability and comfort to attaining effortless eye level shots without raising your arms.

Pole extension accessory set.

Operate the gimbal close to your body or with extension poles that gives a greater boom ran as well as front row seat to your monitor that is always is angled toward you throughout the vertical travel.

It would allow for filmmakers to replace their Steadicam, dolly and jib into one setup. One that would enable you to work through projects without constantly having to stop to switch out units for different shots. No more being locked into your height or having to haul a jib around.

Pre-orders are open now at the company’s website, and the base package starts at $10,000. We’ll get a good look when the company releases the Antigravity Rig in July. Hey, nothing wrong with hoping the tired arms are a thing of the past.

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