It appears the Destiny beta will offer a lot more content compared to the alpha back in June. According to a letter sent to Gamestop employees, the Destiny beta will be packed with four story chapters, four multiplayer maps and a co-operative Strike mission.

Destiny leak

If memory serves, the alpha featured just one story chapter, two multiplayer maps and one Strike.

Those of you who pre-ordered Destiny or otherwise got your hands on a beta code can fire it up on Playstation systems starting July 17th. Xbox fans will have to wait until July 24th to get their hands on it. The beta wraps up at the end of July 27th.

Another Reddit poster shared a screen grab that points to a 12.63GB file on Xbox One. The full game is expected to weigh in at around 40GB.

destiny size

An important note on Destiny beta keys. You will be given three, so you can form a fireteam with your friends.


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