Rain. Sleet. Or snow. The drone teased via DJI’s Twitter is official, and it’s built for damn near any application you can dream up. DJI has packed the Matrice 200 series with features enterprise customers have been clamoring for, and there are more than few aerial videographers/photographers who are perking up at the ruggedness.

There are a ton of massive features to unpack. One of the biggest is the IP43 ingress protection. We can fly in the rain or snow as long as we use sound judgment. Middle of a monsoon? Probably not the best time to load the batteries and go wild with it.

DJI Matrice 200 vs 210

The Matrice 200 is the standard version, while the Matrice 210 works as the Pro model. Both models have FPV cameras for dual operator control, and each can handle the elements. But let’s be real, the one we all want is the Matrice 210.

Its multiple payload configurations can handle a single downward gimbal we are all used to, an upward gimbal which looks badass and perfect for bridge inspections and one more setup we all want. Dual downward gimbals. Oh hell yes.

DJI Matrice 210 dual gimbal

It supports a payload of up to 2kg and DJI is marketing it as accepting configurations including the Zenmuse XT (thermal), Zenmuse Z30 (zoom) and the new Inspire line of cameras – the X4 and X5S. Pairing the Z30 with the XT is a perfect search and rescue tool.

Matrice Applications

DJI is already pushing various industrial and enterprise applications. From the press release:

  • Critical Infrastructure Inspections – work near power lines, telecommunications towers and bridges puts inspectors at risk of falls and electric shock. DJI’s M200 improves safety as work can be done from a distance. The M200 can identify millimeter-sized faults in buildings, roads and bridges in real time, making those operations more safe, efficient and effective.
  • Energy Facility Inspections – maintenance planning can be costly and time-consuming. With the stable and weather-resistant M200 platform, extensive power line networks can be visualized with unparalleled detail and vertical infrastructure, such as wind turbines and offshore oil rigs, can be inspected from all angles.
  • Construction Site Mapping – surveying and mapping often need to be conducted regardless of weather conditions and other external factors. The M200 is a rugged platform designed to handle tough conditions. The M200 gives construction site managers an efficient tool to review progress and workflow, ensuring more efficient use of resources.
  • Public Safety – when time is of essence and weather conditions turn foul; first responders require a versatile and reliable aerial platform. Carrying visual and/or thermal sensors, the M200 provides situational awareness of potentially dangerous situations such as fires, searches, and natural disasters. Incident commanders can use data collected by the M200 to make smarter and better decisions, protecting life and property while minimizing the safety risk to rescue personnel.

Don’t forget the people who want a badass new toy.


Flight time is up to 38 minutes and includes a dual, self-heating battery system to operate in subzero conditions. Operating range clocks in at the new DJI standard of 7km. The M200 series has a smaller footprint to ensure it’s ready to fly. Both the gimbal mounting plates and aircraft arms (foldable) stay mounted during transportation.

And the final specs works out to 716mm x 220mm x 236mm and a weight of 3.8kg.

Availability and Price

Shipping is slated for Q2, so expect a little play on when this arrives to market. No pricing details, with DJI replacing the buy button with contact sales.

DJI is comfortable in its spot in the consumer market and is now moving aggressively into the enterprise space. In the United States, infrastructure is a mess and demands regular inspections of bridges, power lines, etc. And it doesn’t hurt to have enthusiasts salivating over the dual downward gimbals.

One feature to expect in the future is the ability to mount both a downward and upward facing gimbal. It’s a bit disappointing it’s not there to begin with, but the Matrice 200 needs an upgrade path.

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